alerte à la plage
client: Muséum d'histoire naturelle
team: Béatrice Pellegrini (conception), Emilie Lang (conception), Elise Gaud-de-Buck (graphic design)

"Alerte à la plage" is an interactive installation produced by the natural history museum of Geneva. Visitors are given the opportunity to discover the profession of parasitologist through the exploration of the Trichobilharzia's life cycle (one of the parasites responsible for swimmer's itch).

Each visitor receives a parasite avatar. By sucessfully completing activities, the visitor sees his avatar evolve through seven stages corresponding to the stages of the parasite's life cycle.

The project consists of both front and back end components. The front end side is composed of a set of 8 client screens, developped with Unity and Electronjs. The back end is handled by a Node js application.

photo: copyright Philippe Wagneur.

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